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Review By Puglisi,
il materiale ordinato il 30\3\2023,arrivato stamattina venerdi 31,gia montato tutto sulla mia auto. ...
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Review By Giovanni P.,
Ho conosciuto la De Marco,dopo che ho trovato la mia Cristina e cosi che chiamo la mia R4 piano pian ...
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Review By ANARIN,
Effettuato ordine Venerdì 17/02/2023 - Ricevuto mail di spedizione ordine venerdì 17/02/2023 - Cor ...
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MA-FRA is a guarantee in the field of products for cleaning and car care. Founded in the 1960s, the company has over the years become one of the most promising companies on the Italian industrial scene. What has distinguished it since its foundation is the will to make a difference in a photocopy-product market: how? Changing the concept of vehicle cleaning, and developing a series of "cosmetics for the car" that immediately conquered the sector.
De Marco Parts is the official distributor of MA-FRA, discover our selection of products on this page.


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