About us

Let me introduce myself, I am Massimo De Marco!

De Marco Parts is not just an e-commerce store as it is intended, but the result of my long path of growth that lasted over 14 years ...

Everything started when, barely twenty, I officially entered the world of vintage cars almost by accident. I was passionate about the work right away and so my journey began which led me to collaborate for 14 years with two of the most important Italian companies operating in the distribution of spare parts for Volkswagen, Citroën & Renault Classic.

During these years the passion for the vintage car world has often led me to attend meetings and fairs around Italy and Europe and, over time, I have increasingly created and enriched a personal collection of original spare parts and rarer accessories, especially for the 3 icons in the history of the automobile: Volkswagen Maggiolino, Renault 4 and Citroën 2CV.

My experience and knowledge for these 3 brands over time has grown more and more to allow me to obtain the knowledge and contacts necessary to put back into production many exclusive spare parts and some special parts, thus starting the distribution of spare parts throughout Italy, France, Germany and other European countries up to Latin America.

From January 2020 I decided to run into a new challenge, creating my own project that could take advantage of my experience to put it at the service of my customers, passionate like me in the fantastic world of Vintage Cars. I therefore founded a new company, De Marco Parts, with a constantly updated warehouse and e-commerce with over 11,000 catalog codes, most of which are immediately available.

Experience and passion: this is De Marco Parts!

Through e-commerce and a dense network of collaborations we have a vast catalog of original and aftermarket spare parts, and we can guarantee shipments in Italy and abroad within 24 hours of order arrival, thus providing a service of excellence to companies and individuals.

The on-line spare parts catalog is constantly updated, if you don't find anything, contact me because I could still have what you need in stock or be able to get it for you in a short time.

If you have any questions regarding spare parts or their shipping I am always ready to assist you in every step and find a solution to your every problem!

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