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Bardahl Engine Oil 20w50 Mineral, For Classic Cars


Bardahl engine oil 20w50 mineral, for classic cars built between the 50s and the 80s.

(1 Liter)

Top Quality Product


This oil satisfies the most stringent requirements for petrol engines (also with LPG systems), with or without a turbocharger. SF/CC Service API specification.


Bardahl Classic Motor Oil SAE 20W50 engine oil is developed for the lubrication of petrol engines with or without turbocharger/supercharger. This lubricant has a high resistance to the extreme temperatures that are generated in turbochargers. The cleaning agents do not form residues on the bearings of the turbo. Bardahl Classic Motor Oil SAE 20W50 is composed of high quality refined base oils combined with balanced additives. Anti-wear and antioxidant additives are used to lubricate and protect the engine in the most diverse situations.



This multi-purpose universal oil has the following characteristics:

Thanks to the correct level of detergent, it is compatible with elastomer seals and gaskets.

Provides excellent protection against wear, corrosion and foaming.

Inhibits the formation and accumulation of sludge.

It prevents the formation of deposits in the hot areas of the engine, thanks to a good detergency.

In addition, this engine oil has a high and stable viscosity index and a low sulfur level


This oil meets the most stringent requirements of petrol and LPG engines, with or without turbo-compressor.

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